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About us

Once upon a time, in a quaint town nestled between the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, I found myself in a predicament. The need to create a will had become paramount, as I had just bought my first home and wanted to ensure my hard earned possessions would be safeguarded and distributed according to my wishes. However, as I ventured into various legal establishments, I was met with a harsh reality – the cost of conventional legal services was simply beyond my budget. It was a time-consuming process with multiple in-person appointments that did not fit my busy schedule.

The frustration of feeling financially constrained while seeking to secure my legacy gnawed at me. I knew I wasn't alone in this struggle, as many others shared the same desire for security without breaking the bank. It was during one particularly exasperating evening, while poring over endless legal paperwork and scratching my head, that the idea began to take shape.

"Why not create an affordable, user-friendly solution that empowers individuals to craft their wills with ease?" I pondered. This moment of inspiration marked the birth of "WilliT."

With unwavering determination, I set out to develop a platform that would democratize the process of estate planning. The goal was clear – to provide a means for everyone to secure their future, feel confident about their possessions, and gain peace of mind without the burden of exorbitant costs.

Months of hard work, collaboration, and dedication ensued. The result was a revolutionary platform, WilliT, designed to help individuals like me, and countless others, create legally-binding wills and power of attorney documents at a fraction of the traditional cost.

WilliT became more than just a platform; it became a beacon of hope for those who sought security and peace of mind. It was a testament to the idea that financial constraints should never stand in the way of ensuring that one's legacy is protected and their loved ones are cared for.

As the word spread about WilliT's accessible, user-friendly approach to estate planning, it brought solace and empowerment to countless individuals who had once shared my frustration. Together, we transformed an idea born out of necessity into a solution that helped everybody, allowing them to navigate the complexities of estate planning with ease and confidence.

In the end, the story of WilliT wasn't just about my quest for an affordable solution; it was a story of turning adversity into innovation, and of helping others secure their futures while feeling good about their possessions. WilliT became a symbol of financial inclusivity, proving that with determination, innovation, and a touch of inspiration, we can all find security and peace of mind.

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